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Healing from Pain, Mental Fog and Fatigue

I’m not a scientist, a nurse practitioner or a doctor, but I am a patient on a journey to discover why I went from being a once healthy, full of life and energy-driven, ambitious woman, to feeling so chronically tired, painfully inflamed, fog-headedly confused, and unable to lose any weight, no matter what diet plan I tried or exercise plan I followed. As I will further elaborate in future posts, at forty-six, I can say that I’ve tried every diet fad from every decade that’s come my way since I hit puberty, and I also exercised my way into exhaustion (visit Krav Maga blog here).  To put it succinctly, my body simply broke, leaving me feeling frustrated and confused, especially when my doctors would look at me like it was all in my mind, simply because their medical protocol read that my results were well within their normal limits. Like most people who suffer from this strange enigma or as I like to call it: “It’s all in your head” syndrome, this only left me feeling more frustrated a…

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